Full Functional Form

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Taught by TheMathDude
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Lesson Description:

Understand what is meant by Full functional notation and how the "Full" part (Right Hand Side, RHS) is related to a mathematical expression which models the real functional relationship.

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Questions answered by this video:
  • What is full functional notation?
  • Where do equations come from?
  • What is the difference between full functional notation, function notation, non-specific or generic function notation, and equation notation?
  • What are the different ways that you can write a function?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
    This lesson connects functions and equations by showing full functional notation of a real-world relationship. Different parts of the full functional notation are dropped to show you the different ways you can represent a function. The problem set with solutions are a great help for learning more about functional notation.