Systems of Equations-Elimination-Part2

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Taught by MrHansen
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Lesson Summary:

In this math video tutorial, the elimination method is used to solve systems of equations. The video walks through an example where finding the least common multiple is necessary in order to eliminate one of the variables. The tutorial emphasizes the importance of multiplying all terms by the same factor when using this method. The steps taken to solve the system of equations are clearly explained and easy to follow.

Lesson Description:

Video tutorial on solving systems of equations using the elimination method.

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Questions answered by this video:
  • How do you solve a system of equations using elimination if none of the coefficients are the same?
  • How can you use the least common multiple of coefficients to solve a system of equations using elimination?
  • How do you solve the system 2x + 3y = 5 and 5x + 4y = 16 using elimination?
  • How do you know what to multiply equations by so you can use elimination to solve them?
  • What are the steps for solving systems of equations by elimination?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.
    This video goes through some more difficult examples of solving systems of equations using elimination. It shows how to manipulate the coefficients by multiplying an entire equation by a number to get two of them to be the same.