Multiplying 2 binomials using the Foil or Smiley Face Method

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Lesson Summary:

This lesson teaches students how to multiply two binomials using two different methods, FOIL and the Smiley Face method. FOIL stands for First, Outer, Inner, Last, and the Smiley Face method involves drawing a smiley face and placing the terms in the correct position. Both methods will result in the same answer, as demonstrated in the examples given. These methods only work with two binomials, but the box method can be used for other types of multiplication.

Lesson Description:

Explains how to Multiply 2 binomials using the Foil or Smiley Face Method

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Questions answered by this video:
  • What is FOIL, what does FOIL stand for, and how do you use FOIL to multiply two binomials?
  • How do you multiply (2x-5)(3x+4) using FOIL?
  • What is the smiley face method of multiplying polynomials?
  • How do you simplify the product of two binomials after doing FOIL?
  • What is the smiley face method of multiplying binomials?
  • What is the box method of multiplying binomials?
  • How do you multiply and simplify (2x - 1)(x - 7)?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
    Learn how to multiply binomials using FOIL and see some examples of how it works. This is also sometimes called the smiley face method. The example (2x - 5)(3x + 4) is used as an example to show the method of FOIL, the smiley face method, and the box method. This is a great intro to multiplying two binomials.
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    love the video and the way she Explains it!!!!!:)
  • Aishah

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    I love the video and it helps so cool the way you show the smiley face come I think 5stars Great job!!!!!!!!