Applications of Rational Expressions

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Taught by muchomath
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Lesson Description:

Application / word problems involving rational expressions / fractions.

Created by and copyright of Larry Perez. Funded by the state of California through Saddleback College. More information on videos, resources, and lessons at Algebra2Go.

Questions answered by this video:
  • How do you solve word problems with rational expressions?
  • If one person paints a room in 6 hours, and another person paints the room in 4 hours, how long does it take them if they paint together?
  • If one pump drains a pool in 10 hours and another pump drains a pool in 15 hours, how long does it take them together?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
    A really useful problem is discussed that you see a lot in math classes. Two people are painting a room together, and you have to find out how long it takes them to paint two rooms. A must-see if you want to always remember how to do this problem. The second problem is very similar and works almost the same way.