2nd, 3rd, 4th Dimensions and Beyond Lessons

Dimension 2 preview image

Dimension 2

  • The math of geography on the earth, the latitudes and longitudes, and the stereographic projectio...
Dimension 3 preview image

Dimension 3

  • M. C. Escher tells the adventures of two-dimensional creatures who are trying to imagine three-di...
Moebius Strip preview image

Moebius Strip

  • This video explains what a Moebius (Mobius) strip is, and we do activities using paper, scissors,...
The Fourth Dimension preview image

The Fourth Dimension

  • 19th century mathematician Ludwig Schlafli discusses objects in the fourth dimension including a ...
The Fourth Dimension Continued preview image

The Fourth Dimension Continued

  • This video continues a discussion of the fourth dimension, this time with a look at a 4-dimension...