How To Memorize The Quadratic Formula

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Taught by AndyClick
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Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, Eniclic demonstrates a simple and effective technique to memorize any mathematical formula, including the quadratic formula. By creating a story and associating the variables with animals and numbers with specific details in the story, Eniclic shows how you can remember the formula easily. He also shares tips to help you remember the story better. This technique has been successful for many students, as demonstrated by a testimonial from Alex who passed an important exam with the help of Eniclic's method. Sign up for Eniclic's newsletter to receive a cheat sheet with more details and examples.

Lesson Description:

This lesson will show you how to memorize the quadratic formula (or any formula) easily.

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Additional Resources:
  • Memory Cheat Sheet - Website from which you can download the memory cheat sheet to help you memorize math formulas.
Questions answered by this video:
  • Is there an easy way to memorize the quadratic formula?
  • How can you memorize the quadratic formula?
  • How do you memorize math formulas?
  • What is the quadratic formula?
  • What are some hints or tricks to memorizing complicated formulas?
  • How can you make up words for variables in formulas and create a story to help you remember a formula?
  • What is a fun story that will help you remember the quadratic formula?
  • How can word associations be used to memorize math formulas like the quadratic formula?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
    This is a very interesting video that shows you the steps to use to memorize math formulas. The technique used is word association from the variables in the formulas. The word association is used to tell a story that will help you remember the formula. For quite complicated formulas, this could prove to be quite useful. Either way, it is a very interesting concept and method to try if you have trouble memorizing formulas.