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Taught by muchomath
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
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Meets NCTM Standards:
Lesson Summary:

In this lesson on proportions, Professor Perez explains what a proportion is and teaches two methods for solving them: cross multiplication and clearing fractions. Through examples, the methods are shown to be interchangeable, and students are shown how to apply these concepts to complex fractions with decimals. Students are also reminded to reduce their answers where possible, and to check their work through multiplication.

Lesson Description:

Learn what a proportion is, how to set one up, and a couple of methods of solving proportions.

Created by and copyright of Larry Perez. Funded by the state of California through Saddleback College. More information on videos, resources, and lessons at Algebra2Go.

Questions answered by this video:
  • What is a proportion?
  • How do you set up a proportion?
  • How do you solve a proportion?
  • What are some different methods for solving a proportion?
  • What is cross multiplication?
  • How do you solve x/6 = 2/3?
  • How do you solve x/6 = 2/3 + 3/4?
  • What is the clearing fractions technique?
  • Is there an easy way to solve proportions?
  • How do you solve x/4 = 5/6?
  • How do you solve x/6 = 2/(3/4)?
  • How do you solve 2x/5 = 0.3/4?
  • How do you solve 1.2x/0.7 = 0.04/0.3?
  • How can you clear decimals from the beginning of a problem?
  • How do you solve 12x/7 = 4/30?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
    This video shows a couple of different methods for solving proportions. Many different example problems are shown, and some get complicated with complex fractions and decimals included. This is a great introduction to solving proportions.