Order of Operations Part 5

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Taught by YourMathGal
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Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, we dive into order of operations with more complex examples that include negative numbers, fractions, decimals, and absolute value. The transcript walks through step by step to solve each problem, breaking down each calculation to make it easy to follow. By the end of the lesson, viewers will have a better understanding of how to use the order of operations to simplify even the most complicated equations.

Lesson Description:

Part 5 of Order of Operations: Shows examples. Contains absolute value, negative numbers, fractions, decimals

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Questions answered by this video:
  • How do you evaluate expressions containing negative numbers, fractions, absolute values, and decimals using order of operations?
  • How can you evaluate (1.2)^2 - (3.5 - 4.3) using order of operations?
  • How do you square decimals without a calculator?
  • How can you simplify (1/2)(2.3 + 2.5) - (-0.2)^3 using order of operations?
  • How can you figure out (-0.2)^3 without a calculator?
  • How do you evaluate 14 - 2^2 - |4 - 7| using order of operations?
  • Where do absolute value signs come in order of operations?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
    This lesson takes everything that you have learned in the previous 5 parts of this series and really tackles some more involved problems that contain absolute value, negative numbers, fractions, and decimals. These example problems are explained very clearly.