Tips for creating a MathVid

Tip #1: Making a lesson

Create a lesson using Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint, NeoOffice’s Presentation, SMART Notebook, or any other application you own that allows you to visually display information. Simply use ideas or an entire presentation that you have already created for a class. You may also choose to write on a dry erase board.

Tip #2: Recording your lesson

First, you must have a screen capture tool. SMART Board Tools already has one built in (Recorder). If you do not have the SMART Board software on your computer, you can use QuickTime on a Mac, or any other screen recording software. Simply click record, talk and draw / write, teaching your lesson as you normally would, then click stop. If you are teaching with a SMART Board or other interactive whiteboard, you will want to have an external microphone plugged into your computer to hold and talk into while teaching the lesson. Once you click stop, you will be able to save your presentation on your computer. The final product will be a recording of your screen with your voice-over commentary as you go through your presentation. You may also choose to record yourself drawing on a dry erase board, chalk board, or piece of paper using a digital camera.

Tip #3: Uploading your lesson

Once the recording of your lesson is saved to your computer, go to the MathVids upload page The quickest and easiest method of uploading a file to us is using the Web-Based Uploader at the bottom of the screen. If you use Windows, you can also download and use the Windows Uploader to upload your file.

Tip #4: Uploading resources

You can upload resources to ANY video on our site. Simply click on the video, go down to Additional Resources, and click the Add/Remove Resources button to upload a PDF, TI-Nspire document file, or PowerPoint file. You may also choose to simply add a website link that is relevant to the video.