Trig Review by YourMathGal

This collection of videos is from the video series Trig Review

This series is a quick review of some trig concepts. Several example problems are given with all work shown and explained for each solution.

Trig Review Part 1 preview image

Trig Review Part 1

  • Converting angle from degrees to radians, and radians to degrees; finding exact values of trig fu...
Trig Review Part 2 preview image

Trig Review Part 2

  • Determining if the tan(4) is positive or negative; Graphing y = -2sin(x), and stating amplitude. ...
Trig Review Part 3 preview image

Trig Review Part 3

  • Graphing y = cos(x/3) and stating period. Graphing y = 2sin(pi*x/3) and stating amplitude and per...
Trig Review Part 4 preview image

Trig Review Part 4

  • Graphing y = sin(x+(pi/4)) and stating period and phase shift. Solutions to a Review for a Trigon...
Trig Review Part 5 preview image

Trig Review Part 5

  • Graphing y = tan(x/3)) and stating period. Solutions to a Review for a Trigonometry Test for a cl...
Trig Review Part 6 preview image

Trig Review Part 6

  • Graphing y = 1 + csc(x). Solutions to a Review for a Trigonometry Test for a class. . See pdf on ...
Trig Review Part 7 preview image

Trig Review Part 7

  • State the amplitude, period, phase shift (how many units left or right), and vertical shift (how ...