Basic Parabola

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Taught by YourMathGal
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Meets NCTM Standards:
Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, we learn how to graph a basic parabola by defining quadratic functions and identifying the coefficients of a, b, and c. We then use a chart to plot ordered pairs to graph the parabola and identify its axis of symmetry and vertex point. We also learn about the symmetry of the parabola and how to use the axis of symmetry to find additional points. Finally, we apply these concepts to graphing a more complex quadratic function.

Lesson Description:

This is a video about how to graph a very basic parabola.

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Questions answered by this video:
  • What is the vertex point of a parabola?
  • What is a parabola and what does it look like?
  • How do you graph a parabola?
  • What is a quadratic function?
  • How do you graph f(x) = x^2?
  • How do you graph y = x^2 - 4?
  • What is the axis of symmetry of a parabola?
  • How do you find the vertex point and axis of symmetry for a parabola?
  • What are some examples of quadratic functions?
  • How do you know what points to pick to put into the equation to graph a quadratic equation to make a parabola?
  • Staff Review

    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
    This lesson starts off very basically defining quadratic equations and parabolas. The basic ideas of what a parabola is, what it looks like, and how to graph very basic parabolas are explained. This is a great kickoff to a series on parabolas.