Relations and Functions by mrbrianmclogan

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Properties and Characteristics of Relations and Functions

Functions: onto, one to one, domain, range preview image

Functions: onto, one to one, domain, range

  • In this video I show you how to determine if a set of points is a function or not
Implied Domain preview image

Implied Domain

  • Here I show how to find the implied domain
One to one and onto functions preview image

One to one and onto functions

  • How to tell the difference between onto and one to one functions
Odd and Even Functions preview image

Odd and Even Functions

  • How to determine if a function is odd, even or neither
Increasing and Decreasing Functions preview image

Increasing and Decreasing Functions

  • How to determine when a graph is increasing and decreasing
One to One Functions preview image

One to One Functions

  • Overview of one to one functions
From Relations to Functions preview image
Learning about Functions preview image
Describing a Relation as a Graph, Table and Map preview image
Overview of Exponential Graphs preview image