Fractions by videomathtutor

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Introduction to fractions, types of fractions, and fractional expressions

Introduction to Fractions preview image

Introduction to Fractions

  • An informal introduction to why we need to learn about fractions. Lesson 6 consists of providi...
Understanding Fractions preview image

Understanding Fractions

  • Lesson 6 consists of providing you with a Self-Tutorial on all about fractions. This lesson is di...
Types of Fractions preview image

Types of Fractions

  • Concepts covered: Proper Fraction, Improper Fraction, Mixed Number, and Complex Fraction.
Equivalent Fractions preview image

Equivalent Fractions

  • Concepts covered: Like Fractions, Common Denominator, Equivalent Fractions, Reduced Fraction, Low...
The LCD & Fraction Comparisons preview image

The LCD & Fraction Comparisons

  • Concepts covered: Least (or Lowest) Common Denominator and learn how to compare the sizes of diff...
Other Fractional Expressions preview image

Other Fractional Expressions

  • Concepts covered: Decimal Fraction, Percentage, and Ratio.
Converting Fractional Expressions preview image

Converting Fractional Expressions

  • Concepts covered: Step-by-Step directions on how to perform (by hand and using the calculator) th...