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Lesson Topic Category Description
Geometric series Algebra Geometric series
Inverse Variation Algebra Graph a function that exhibits inverse variation. Find missing coordinates for an ordered pair of a function with inverse variation. State the formula and proportion for a word problem involving inverse variation. Write an equation to solve a word problem involving inverse variation. Solve a word problem involving inverse variation.
Scientific significant figures Algebra Use of significant figures in mathmatical problems
Using the 1% solution Algebra Using the 1% solution to find the % of a number
Circles Geometry Geometry of the circle: arcs and angles
Information about quadrilaterals Geometry How to find the total degrees in a polygon, how to find each interior and exterior angle of a polygon that can have any amount of sides.
Measurements on maps and scale drawings Geometry How to measure distance on a map
Proving theorems Geometry How to prove different theorems and postulates in geometry
Proving Triangles Congruent Geometry Problems and answers on how to prove triangles congruent
Tangents to circles Geometry Tangents to circles, radii perpendicular to chords, etc.
tensors Geometry tensor calculus
Triangle construction Geometry Constructing different triangle types
History of any famous mathematician Advanced Algebra I love to through in quick facts or short stories behind the mathematicians that discovered different theories. Later in the school year students choose a mathematician that they write a paper on and give a short report on their findings.
Introduction to Boolean Algebra Advanced Algebra Logic and boolean algebra
Number Theory Advanced Algebra Number Theory from basic to advanced
Matrix applications Trig / Pre Calc Using matrices in real world applications
Multiplying and Dividing in different bases Trig / Pre Calc Muliplying and dividing in different bases.
Real world applications Trig / Pre Calc Using trig functions in real world examples
Applications of differentiation (graphs) Calculus Applications of differentiation. You are given a function and you are supposed to find all the qualities of the graph of that function: asymptotes, x and y intercepts, maximum, minimum, etc. All using f(x), f'(x), and f"(x).
Hyperbola Calculus Find the point on the hyperbola x2-y2=1 which is nearest to the point Q=(3,0).
Particle motion Calculus Particle motion moving to the right and left.
Rates of Change Calculus Word problems with the rate of change of a cone, sphere, area of a circle, cylinder, etc.
Roll's Theorem Calculus This lesson should follow the Mean Value Theorem
Gamma and beta funtions in improper integrals Calculus II Beta and gamma funtions with improper integrals and their applications
Taylor's Theorem Calculus II Finding the bounds of convergence of the remainder term of a Taylor Polynomial
Arithemic sequence Pre Algebra Step by step instructions
Finding the Scale Factor Pre Algebra Finding the scale factor in shapes
Probability Pre Algebra Mutually exclusive, dependent and independent events
3-D Dimensional figures top, side, front views Basic Math You see the front, side, and top view of the figure and find the one that matches
Making Change Basic Math How to make change
gaussian elimination Math History elimination in matrices
Abstract Algebra Beyond Calculus Groups, subgroups, cayley tables
Mechanics Beyond Calculus Centre of gravity, concept of friction, projectiles, harmonic motion, equilbrium of particles
Dimensions of an irregular shape Other How do you find the dimensions of a irregular shape
Time series Statistics Measure of trend and seasonal variation
Correlation, and regression analysis Statistics Computing correlation, random variable distribution and regression analysis.
Discrete probability distribution Statistics Binomial probabilty distribution, normal probability distribution, inference: from samples to population
Intro Stats Statistics Parallel boxplots, segmented bar charts, IQR, etc
mean & standard deviation Statistics how to disperse new grades on a curve grading system
Probability Statistics Probability/ P(even given that the number is greater than 4) - the numbers are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Two sample T-test Statistics How to do a two sample t-test and write a conclusion for it.
Type 1 and Type 2 Errors Statistics Type 1 and Type 2 Errors for IB Math HL Option Topic Stats and Probability
ODE method by substitution Differential Equations How to solve second order ODE by substitution
Coding theory and switching network and mathematical logic Discrete Math Quantifiers, application of switching network, coding theory, hamming metric, rings, subrings
Relations Discrete Math Relations and Their properties, n-ary relations and their applications, representing relations, closures of relations, equivalence relations, partial orderings